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MAC | McCammon Action Council—A committee of volunteers who are bringing your ideas to life:  the farmers market, movie nights in the park, a children’s learning garden, a new community center, community education classes and much more. 

We invite you to join us!

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Director: Ryan Carter

Secretary/Treasurer: Kassadi Dunn

PR|Communication|Website: LeAnn Brown



Director: Sherri Bordeaux

Economic Development: Ryan Carter

PR|Communication|Website: LeAnn Brown



Director: Aaron Hunsaker 

Secretary: Stephanie Iverson

Economic Development: Ryan Carter

Community Events: Sherri Bordeaux, Reese Darcy

Beautification|Clean-up: Reese Darcy, Sherri Bordeaux

PR|Communication|Website: LeAnn Brown

Harkness Hotel Street Lamp- Harkness Canyon in Background, McCammon, Idaho 2019

“We are bridge makers, reaching forward to our future while still honoring our past.”    

McCammon, Our heart and home.

Our connection to each other and to the land are our greatest assets. We are known for our majestic mountains, our pure crystal spring water and our glorious sunsets casting hues of pink ‘cross twilight skies–these are but a few of many natural treasures here.

We take great pride in maintaining our wonderful trails, parks and canyons for all to enjoy and whether it is the wildflowers blanketing the spring landscape or the autumn leaves giving show at harvest time, every season brings its own bounty to explore.

We cherish the wisdom of our elders, while embracing the innovation of our youth, with programs and events designed to highlight and memorialize the contribution and achievements of all. We are rich in our diversity and inclusive outlook, thriving from our devotion to work together, lending a hand to both stranger and to friend. 

We are bridge makers, reaching forward to our future while still honoring our past.    

We encourage creativity and ingenuity in our marketplace and are proud to provide our residents and guests with goods and services of the highest quality. From the hospitality of our historic hotel to the artisanal homegrown fare at our farmers markets and the warm atmosphere of our café community––our lifestyle is based on fellowship, well-being and a sense of community pride. 

We are a compassionate people, standing strong in our connection to our fellow human beings and to the land we hold so dear. With full hearts, we honor and care for each other and our natural resources, ever grateful for the beauty and abundance in this valley we call home.

Unknown Cowboy by L. Brown - McCammon Rodeo Grounds, Summer 2019.