At the heart of the vision for our Children’s Learning Garden…

The following simplifies Dr. Zach Bush’s message in one relatively short video and

reaches to the heart of the vision for our learning garden.

Solutions within (!) so please watch and pass along to everyone you care about:

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FREE Master class with Zach Bush MD, The Microbiome (with links to much more information and resources on related topics.): Healing Secrets: The Wisdom of Your Microbiome: and

Recent News and Resources

excerpt from, November 2, 2022: Leaked corporate documents have exposed Syngenta’s attempts to cover up paraquat’s, a popular weedkiller, links to Parkinson’s disease.

Ground-breaking investigative reporting from the New Lede and the Guardian has exposed hundreds of pages of Syngenta’s internal documents. These documents prove the chemical giant has known since the 1970s that paraquat could accumulate in the brain. But they hid that information from regulators – they lied repeatedly, claiming it could not cross the blood-brain barrier. Even Syngenta’s own research showed the weedkiller could harm the brain.

Paraquat remains one of the most widely used pesticides in the U.S., even though it’s been banned in China, the EU and the UK. 

excerpt from, August 1, 2022:  Mars, the company that makes Skittles, is facing a lawsuit alleging its use of titanium dioxide makes its product “unfit for human consumption.”

But Skittles is just the tip of the iceberg. An EWG analysis has found titanium dioxide in over 3,000 products, including Sour Patch Kids, Starburst, Hostess Cupcakes and Jell-O.

Multiple alarming studies have found that titanium dioxide can break DNA strands and cause chromosomal damage! Because of these health concerns, the EU decided to BAN titanium dioxide as a food additive earlier this year. Meanwhile, in the U.S., titanium dioxide in food remains completely legal! The FDA hasn’t even reviewed new science on the chemical since 1966. Ridiculous! 

EWG’s Dirty Dozen Guide – The top 12 chemicals to avoid

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