June 10 2022: Group Work Day at the Garden

Once again, Kassadi and Drew Dunn have organized and hosted another fun and productive work day at our Community Learning Garden. So much work went into this day to make it the special event it was for all who attended.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kassadi and Drew and their family and everyone who came out to participate. Exciting progress!!-LeAnn Brown

PLANTING REPORT (from Kassadi)

🥒12 cucumber bushy pickler 6 yellow slicer 6 🍅14 tomato Russian yellow azoychka 3 Black Cherry 3 Sun gold 3 Illini gold 2 Muscovitch 3 🌶14 peppers 2 picnic pepper 1 red 1 orange 1 bell golden California wonder yellow 1 bell red Wisconsin lake 3 Anaheim 4 Shishito 3 poblano These are the starts purchased from Bowman Organic Farm, & they all got planted.

Report and images provided by Lead Gardener, Kassadi Dunn:

(A)=Adult (c)=child (A)= 10 (c)= 11 Repeats from last event (A)= 4 (c)= 3 🌈(A) Harli Denney & (c) Sebastian Bowen & (c) Oliver Denney. Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden, painted rocks& put their art in the garden, helped plant the raised beds, and helped clean up. Oliver made new friends & played in the sprinklers! 🌈(A) Ann & (A) Dave Boyack Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden & bought water bottles for everyone. 🌈(A) Kathy Harris Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden & offered great advice! 🌈(A) Elder Cook & (A) Elder Lindauer Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden 🌈(A) Karalee & (A) Darren Dunn Donated shade covers for the day, painted rocks & put their art in the garden, helped plant the raised beds & helped clean up. 🌈(c) Violet Boyack, (c) Hazel Devenburg(c) Piper Lish & (c) Kaydence Dunn Came to paint rocks & put their art throughout the garden 🌈(A) Dakota Booth Helped set up, helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden, helped plant raised beds & helped clean up. 🌈(c) Orrin, (c) Isla & (c) Leo Linscomb Helped plant seeds in victory garden, painted rocks& put their art in the garden, & helped plant the raised beds. Made new friends & played in the sprinkler! 🌈(A) Brittney, (c) Frankie & (c) Eric Sorenson Brought watermelon to share with everyone, painted rocks& put their art in the garden & helped plant raised bed. Made new friends & played in the sprinkler!

Ivan Bullock’s Donation – In Memoriam

Ivan Bullock, whose family has deep roots in McCammon, recently donated $500 to our non-profit community organization MAC | McCammon Action Council. With his donation, he included a beautiful letter wherein he paid tribute to family and friends who have passed:

McCammon Action Council

Dear Council Members:

I am making a $500 donation to support community events and projects carried out by this body. These funds are donated in memory of McCammon area residents who have passed away and made significant contributions of time, service, and support of our community in so many ways.

H. Reed & Jeanine Cammack – Reed served for 25 years on the Marsh Valley School board as member and President. He and his wife Jeanine were lifelong residents, both growing up here attending McCammon Elementary and High School. Reed worked with his father Henry on the family farm located west and north of town and took over operation of the farm after his father passed away. Reed was an insurance agent for Farm Bureau and made lifelong friends while serving as their agent. Reed and Jeanine were active members of the McCammon LDS ward serving in many capacities over many years.

Lynn & Sharon Crump – Lynn and Sharon were both raised in McCammon and attended McCammon Elementary and North Marsh High School. Lynn worked with his father-in-law, Otto Jenkins, operating Jenkins Tractor Service in the buildings where the Little Rock Café and D& D Repair are located. They served the Marsh Valley and McCammon area for many years selling and servicing Massy Ferguson, Alice Chalmers, New Holland farm equipment and auto-truck repairs. They eventually closed the business shortly after Ott retired. They moved to the Pocatello area when Lynn went to teach at Idaho State University Diesel Mechanics Program.

Gary K. (Sam) and Anita Brown were both raised in McCammon, attended local schools and were lifelong members of our community. Gary taught 7th and 8th grades for several years in McCammon and then was the principal of Mountain View Elementary School for 25 years. They both were active in our community and in the LDS church.

Lynn and Una Bullock were lifelong residents of McCammon. Both attended local schools and supported the McCammon community. Lynn and his nine brothers were raised on the family farm west of McCammon. Lynn eventually took over the farm after his father, Willard, passed away. Lynn also worked at Jenkins Tractor Service for many hears as a mechanic. Lynn was a strong supporter of the McCammon rodeo serving as a volunteer, furnishing roping calves and hay, and riding as a pick-up man for the saddle and bareback horse events. He served as president of the rodeo committee for about 10 of his 30 plus years on the committee. Una worked at the elementary school as a teacher’s aide for several years, operated the Cloverleaf Café until is was bought out by Flying J and worked as an assistant manager for Flying J restaurant for almost 20 years.

Beverly Bullock – Bev was an implant to McCammon having grown up on a farm in Rockford, Idaho. She attended Rockford Elementary and graduated from Snake River High School. She graduated form Brigham Young University with a BS degree in Education. Bev was teaching at Greenacres Elementary when she caught my eye (or I caught hers). We moved to McCammon when I bought the Cloverleaf Café and Texaco where Flying J Truckstop is now located. Bev ran the café for about 5 years, then wanted to go back to teaching. Her divine calling for sure. Bev taught at the Mountain View Elementary School for 29 years. She also taught GED night classes in McCammon for Idaho State University Continuing Education and helped many people get their GED diploma. After her retirement, Bev continued to substitute for teachers in the school district, enjoying subbing at the high school where she reconnected with many of her grade school students.

Bev was a two-time cancer survivor, inspiring many of us in the community with her determination and perseverance during her final battle with this terrible disease.

There are many more residents who are deserving of being recognized for their contributions to our community. I hope to continue to recognize more individuals in the future.

Thank you for all of your efforts in making McCammon, Idaho a great place to live in and be from!

Ivan Bullock

THANK YOU IVAN for your generous support of our organization and for including this beautiful tribute. You are an integral part of our community and we feel grateful to call you neighbor and friend.

Growing Healthy Kids

Planting begins this season in our very own Community/Children’s Learning Garden!

There will be growing areas for raised beds and in-ground crops and fruit trees and berry bushes and pollinator-loving flowers and herbs –a veritable food forest…evolving and growing over time with many inviting spaces and places planned for discovery and connecting with nature and each other.

THE VISION: We have many ideas for fun events, activities and gatherings at the garden and are excited about the myriad possibilities this will bring to our children and our community as a whole.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE! There are many ways for every person, young and old, to contribute and benefit.

Come grow with us! 🌞🌱LeAnn Brown, Project Initiator/Committee Chair

Please reach out today and let us know how your family and/or business would like to be involved! CONTACT

Related reading:

An inspiring article about the many benefits a garden offers from the perspective of an occupational therapist working with children:

Community gardens help students blossom and grow. As a therapist, I’ve seen it firsthand.


We are looking to our community and area businesses for support in bringing this project to fruition. We have raised funds for initial stages, but are still in need of funding and material/labor donations for a 20’x40′ solar-powered greenhouse building for year round growing and learning, a 30′ diameter amphitheater (looking for a company to sponsor/donate stone slabs for seating) and various other supplies and help needed.

CONTACT us today to learn how your family or business can be part of this exciting project and memorialized in our

Gratitude Garden with a permanent plaque.


Update: THANK YOU to all who voted YES!

Our new fire station is underway!

Back in 2018, the community spoke and ever since the MAC | McCammon Action Council volunteers have been working hard to bring our fellow residents’ ideas and requests to life.

Topping the list, residents wanted a new community center and fire station.

After months of hard work researching and brain storming, a plan was put in place which would make everything feasible, allowing McCammon to receive substantial grant money and other assistance needed to pull off these important projects in a way that ties everything together. (see below)

Now it is up to the residents to vote YES and we can get the ball rolling!

Following are posters breaking down the details. If you have questions or need more information before casting your vote, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

~Together We Grow!

HELP us by voting YES, May 18, 2021


Arriving to the Safety Fair at the McCammon Ball Park.
Our local Sheriffs hosted the Bike Safety Course – (also known as the Bike Rodeo!)
Railroad Safety by OPERATION LIFESAVER | Idaho
Electrical Safety booth sponsored by Rocky Mountain Power & Hosted by Rico Portuese, Sr. Safety Administrator
Clang Clang! All Aboard!

OUR THANKS to the many volunteers who make this event possible and the companies and organizations who host each fun and educational experience. We are grateful to have such generous, dedicated people working in these important positions in our community.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support and enjoy this event with us. —We’ll see you next year!

Farmers Market at Little Rock

Kathy Spiegel, owner of Marsh Valley Farm...now at the Little Rock Cafe Monday through Saturday!

Kathy Spiegel, owner of Marsh Valley Farm…now at the Little Rock Cafe Monday through Saturday!

Plants, flowers, produce, eggs, raw honey, hand-made jewelry and other goodies are available along with outdoor dining or take-away.

We at MAC | McCammon Action Council so appreciate Kathy for bringing the Farmers Market to McCammon. This was a big goal of the MAC early development meetings…many residents expressed they would like to have a farmers market, but no one had been able to make it happen until Kathy agreed to lead the way.

The outdoor farmers market is held every Friday from 9-noon at the Pavilion Park on 6th and Center and while we continue to grow and expand the outdoor market, we are loving that we now have access to many of these items daily at her shop at Little Rock.

Thank you Kathy for all you do to make our community great!

*The day I stopped by for this photo shoot, the Tour of Idaho participants pictured above were enjoying lunch outside under the umbrella shaded tables and remarked about the warm hospitality Kathy provided them.

The motorcycle group is touring all the way from Malad to the top of Idaho and single riders as well as groups up to three will be stopping by the entire month of August for refueling and a brief respite before hitting the intense off-road trails again.

Order Your Tote Bag Today!

We’re gearing up for springtime and stocking up on our “Together We Grow” Totes in prep for year three (wow!) of our McCammon Farmers Market.

If you missed the chance to get your tote last year, we’d love to hear from you before placing this new order. WRITE US today to reserve yours!

“Together We Grow” Large Canvas Tote Bag produced by MAC | McCammon Action Council.

Perfect for the grocery store, farmers market, pool side…A generous size, it has long handles making it easy to carry over the shoulder.

So how do you get one you ask? Simply by supporting your favorite (????), local, non-profit, volunteer-based, community organization: MAC!

Make a one-time donation of $20, – or – if you are a PATRON, receive a special discount and other goodies based on your tier level.

Contact us to reserve your tote bag now or come visit us at the farmers market every Friday and get yours there.

Volunteer Firefighters Needed

McCammon Volunteer Firefighters, Rich Pierson, Fire Chief

Fire Chief Rich Pierson and McCammon’s Volunteer Fire Fighters: Jerry Mercer, Jean Pierson, Lane Pierson and Dallin Nelson. Shown here at the 2019 Rain in the Park event they hosted. 

We are proud of you and your dedication to our community.  Thank you for your service!

Become a Volunteer Firefighter!

The City of McCammon is looking for volunteers to join the crew.  Training is provided.  Please call (208) 254-3200.

Together we grow.

For as little as $3.33/month, you can make a big difference! The McCammon Action Council now offers an easy way for individuals, families and businesses to contribute to our non-profit organization: Become a Patron!

MOVIE NIGHTS IN THE PARK, THE FARMERS MARKET, COMMUNITY GARDENS, A NEW COMMUNITY CENTER, COMMUNITY EDUCATION CLASSES…All proceeds from our patrons will go to fund the activities, events and projects we currently have in production and those we will be developing soon.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 
~Helen Keller

In addition to the pure joy of giving (!)MAC patrons receive discounts, free T-shirts and other benefits…check out the details [here]

Let’s GROW our new Farmers Market Together!

Here’s a fun idea: Host gatherings with fellow artisans during the winter months in preparation for the 2020 market! —MAC
Here’s a fun idea: Host gatherings with fellow artisans during the winter months in preparation for the 2020 market! —MAC

The McCammon Farmers Market is currently scheduled for every Friday (May-October) from 9 am-12 noon at the Center & 6th Street Park. The McCammon Action Council is behind this event and with our wonderful lead, Kathy Spiegel, we were able to get the market up and running in 2019.

Many in the community reached out to us to say they would like to shop the market, but are working and not able to on Fridays. We want you to know “We hear you!” and are currently working to see if we can move it to Saturday or expand it to Friday and Saturday this year.

We’re also looking to expand and grow the market to include arts, crafts and much more. If we receive the participation we’d like to see, we’ll have booths set-up all around the pavilion park. Our vision is to have an abundance of locally grown produce…but also an array of local artisans and vendors sharing their talents and wares.

If this has piqued your interest and you’d like to be involved —in any capacity—please contact us now to get started. Spring will be here before we know it!—LeAnn, MAC-McCammon Action Council

Let’s GROW our new Farmers Market together! 

Be it homemade bread and preserves, artwork, woodwork, pottery, macrame, quilts, soaps, jewelry, honey, flowers, plants, clothing, antiques…

Whatever your specialty or skill set, we’d love to see you involved!

Contact us now for help and ideas in planning your own booth or perhaps collaborating with a group!