2023 Community Garden Cleanup and Prep Day June 12th

All hands on deck!

Everyone is invited to join us for the first garden cleanup and prep day at our Mt. View Community Garden.

WHEN:  Monday, June 12th from 6:30 pm to approximately 8:30 pm.

We welcome all ages and encourage families to participate.  This garden was initiated as a learning garden for children and with everyone’s help we can perpetuate that vision.  (It takes a village!)

Please contact Kassadi Dunn at the City Office for details or questions.  You can also message us via the contact form on this site, if you prefer.

Please help us spread the word by passing this along to all your friends and neighbors who might not see this notice otherwise.

Thanks so much!

-MAC | McCammon Action Council


MAC’s Monthly Meeting – May 3, 2023

MAC | McCammon Action Council is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers working together with a shared passion to develop more opportunities for growth and connectionpromoting and celebrating the best attributes of our community.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, please let us hear from you!    

It helps us if you like, follow, subscribe, and share our posts here and on social media.  We also invite everyone to participate in our community/children’s learning garden (planting began spring of 2022!)  Whatever your interests or skills, we’ll find the perfect way for you to contributeand benefit!

Our tagline says it all:  Together we grow!  

MAC meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.

You are invited to join us!

Join us for our 2nd Group Work Day at the Garden!

Everyone is invited to join us at the Community Children’s Learning Garden located on the south end of the Mt. View Elementary football field  (9th and Logan).

This will be our second work day at the garden.  This time we will be focusing on planting a variety of seeds and starts throughout the garden.

Thank you to the kids of Mt. View Elementary for their artwork and requests!  The number one request was sunflowers, with strawberries as a close second!  We will be planting these and much much more.  Come see your ideas come to life.

Join us for as much or as little time as you’d like! 


Come at 2pm to paint rocks for the garden!

We have a special treat this work day!  We are so lucky to have Sherry Weston Thayne from Sherry Weston Art joining us for a garden craft!  

Please bring your own water bottle (there is water on-site), snacks if you’d like, gloves, small or large shovel.  And, if you can’t bring anything – please bring yourself and a can-do attitude! ~Kassadi Dunn

If you’d like to know more about the garden and how you can be involved, check out these links:

Help us keep our garden safe and healthy!


At the heart of the vision for our Children’s Learning Garden…


Yoga with Kristi

During the month of March 2022, Yoga to be held Sundays at 10 am.