Our thanks to all the brave souls who ventured out on a very wet and chilly EARTH DAY to make a start in our Community/Children’s Learning Garden. Despite the weather, we accomplished a lot and we are so grateful to every person for their contribution.

We’ll be sharing a full report soon (scroll down for update)…we just wanted to express our thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm, your donations, and your hard work today!

We did it!

I want to make mention of our lead gardeners, Kassadi Dunn and Drew Dunn, who led the charge and made this first work day happen, prepping and bringing materials to the site days before. They worked tirelessly on-site all day long and on top of all the physical labor, were taking time to engage and encourage all the children who came out. Despite being wet and cold, the kids were motivated and interested in learning – – I can’t wait to see how well we all do in a little warmer weather!

I also want to mention and thank Dakota Booth and Darren Dunn who were on-site first thing and worked all day building the raised bed boxes and helping throughout the day in other areas, as well.

Scott Hoskins was on-site first thing and when he noticed the guys building the boxes in the rain, came back with his pop-up canopy for them, then worked all day doing the hardest jobs: digging holes and planting trees, among other things.

Sherri and Bill Bordeaux were on-site first thing and Sherri came back soon after with food for everyone.

Many came throughout the day and we were able to get the names of most of you which I will share here soon. (update: scroll down for report by Kassadi Dunn.)

If you participated and are reading this post, please make a comment below and give the names of all those in your group so we can make sure to record everyone in our Memories Book we are creating for our garden. We also want to make sure we can keep in touch with all who are interested in participating in the future, so we’d love to have your contact info so we can send you messages and updates.

Thank you again to everyone who came out and for all who have shown your support in so many other ways! – Visit our “GRATITUDE GARDEN” where we showcase all sponsors and donations given.

I’m so grateful to all of you for making this garden a reality! LeAnn B. (project initiator and committee chair)

Earth Day @ McCammon

(April 23, 2022 – Report by Lead Gardener, Kassadi Dunn):

(A) = Adult – 16 adults attended

(c) = child – 11 children attended

Lead Gardeners/Event Organizers: Kassadi Dunn and Drew Dunn

Project Initiator/Committee Chair: LeAnn Brown

✨Dakota Booth (A)

Helped set everything up. Brought tools & built the raised beds. Helped plant trees & fill the raised beds & helped clean up. 

✨Darren Dunn (A)

Helped set everything up. Brought tools & built the raised beds. Helped fill the raised beds& clean up. 

✨Scott Hoskins (A)

Stayed the entire time, brought tools, set up his easy-up so we had a dry spot to work, dug half of the tree rings himself, helped plant all of the trees, helped fill garden beds & was great company. 

✨Savanah (c) and Dave (A) Boyack 

Showed up first thing to pick up trash & rocks & sticks, left for other things & came back to fill the raised beds& chat. 

✨Sherry (A)&  Bill (A)Bordeaux

Picked up rocks and garbage. Were very thoughtful & generous, supplied the whole crew with lunch & drinks

✨Jiraiya (c)

Strong young boy who picked up rocks, sticks & garbage, was eager to help, had a very encouraging attitude that kept us motivated. 

✨Tori Bowen (A) & Sebastian Bowen (c). Dug tree rings, helped plant the goose berry & blackberry. Donated  $100, wildflowers seeds, and a beautiful blackberry bush, entertained us with fun conversation 

✨Arianne (A), Aven(c), Penn(c) , & Hera(c) Hunsaker 

Began the rock garden mandala bed and the kids made a very smart design decision to incorporate another path to accommodate the irrigation

✨Paula Rowe (A)

Came and entertained us with fun conversation and donated money on behalf of her mother MarLeen Keller $100 

✨Hazel (c) & Mitzi (A) Carter 

Continued work on the rock garden mandala, planted a black currant& two raspberries, dug tree rings & helped plant trees. Hazel was very motivated and kept wanting to help despite being very cold. She motivated us all to keep going.

✨Braxton (c) & Brynlee (c) Anderson

Continued work on the rock garden mandala, helped fill the raised beds & entertained us with nice conversation 

✨Karlene Hall (A)

Helped fill the raised beds & entertained us with nice conversation 

✨Frankie (c), Britney(A), Eric (c)& Ben (A)Sorenson 

Very much wanted to help but had car troubles, they still made it in time to help us clean up at the end of the day 

EARTH DAY at Our Community/Children’s Learning Garden

Everyone is invited

to join us at our new

Community/Children’s Learning Garden

on April 22nd – EARTH DAY!

This will be our first group work day at the garden!

Please bring your own tools, gloves, etc.

  • We will be picking up trash and clearing weeds.
  • Removing nails from donated boards to be used for the raised beds.
  • Building raised beds.
  • Adding branches/wood chips to beds.
  • Adding mulch, composting and soil amendments.
  • Planting fruit trees and berry bushes.
  • 🌎🌱Hello to all who plan to join us on Earth Day! – A portion of the garden will look a little something like this photo. So part of what we will be doing is moving rocks on the property to one location. (Bring your gloves!) – Another FUN part of this project is that we invite anyone who would like to, to bring a rock to place in the garden.
    GUIDELINES: It can be any type of rock – We have some containing quartz we are bringing to include! 🌞 We encourage you to find a rock that you can easily recognize as yours or perhaps has special meaning to you.
    We won’t be including painted rocks or rocks with writing in this section as we want to keep everything natural, but other than that, most anything goes – any size you would like to bring from small to large, we’ll find a special place for it!
    We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday! 🌎🌱🌞🌻

Please contact us to let us know you are coming and for details on how you/your family can participate.   See you there!