Farmers Market at Little Rock

Kathy Spiegel, owner of Marsh Valley at the Little Rock Cafe Monday through Saturday!

Kathy Spiegel, owner of Marsh Valley Farm…now at the Little Rock Cafe Monday through Saturday!

Plants, flowers, produce, eggs, raw honey, hand-made jewelry and other goodies are available along with outdoor dining or take-away.

We at MAC | McCammon Action Council so appreciate Kathy for bringing the Farmers Market to McCammon. This was a big goal of the MAC early development meetings…many residents expressed they would like to have a farmers market, but no one had been able to make it happen until Kathy agreed to lead the way.

The outdoor farmers market is held every Friday from 9-noon at the Pavilion Park on 6th and Center and while we continue to grow and expand the outdoor market, we are loving that we now have access to many of these items daily at her shop at Little Rock.

Thank you Kathy for all you do to make our community great!

*The day I stopped by for this photo shoot, the Tour of Idaho participants pictured above were enjoying lunch outside under the umbrella shaded tables and remarked about the warm hospitality Kathy provided them.

The motorcycle group is touring all the way from Malad to the top of Idaho and single riders as well as groups up to three will be stopping by the entire month of August for refueling and a brief respite before hitting the intense off-road trails again.

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  1. I appreciate our small little town Hanging in there during this tuff time. City workers keeping town looking great
    Harkeness owners helping to make main better and better. The folks at Little Rock know how to reinvent if need be. Thankful to Kathy for bringing some neat things to town as well as penny Teresa chip thanks guys and others that bring their yummy farm to table items. Barbra always has great meat and the things we need at short stop . It’s nice having the dollar store for those Items needed . I’m sure there is a few I have not added but as a town we are good at working together and providing
    Movie night is awesome our children have lost most of their social outlets school cut short no open lunch program( they did provide lunch to takeaway) but no play time at the park chatting with school pals . A lot are stuck home with crabby grandmas( Like me ) so movie night is awesome.
    Praying for a good and healthy school year for our littles
    I have said it many times I love our little town .

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